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5 Reasons You Should Go to a Handpan Gathering

Love the handpan but never been to a handpan event? Here are 5 reasons you should go!

Reason #1: Play Tons of Handpans

Since the handpan is such a new instrument, handpan players don’t always have the opportunity to play many different types of handpans in person--especially as a beginner. And unlike guitarists, pianists, or drummers, we can’t exactly walk into a music shop and see hundreds of different options on the shelves. (Wouldn’t that be nice!) While this utopia doesn’t quite exist yet, a handpan gathering is the next best thing! Typically, at most handpan gatherings there are dozens, if not hundreds, of different handpans brought by gathering attendees from various makers, in various scales, and in various styles. Traditionally the handpan community is a generous one and at most events you are welcome play and share others handpans. If you are a beginner looking to expand your horizons, or perhaps don’t even have a handpan yet, a handpan gathering could be the perfect opportunity for you to get your hands on some fresh steel.


Reason #2: Make New Friends

As a veteran of many years of the handpan scene this might be my number one reason for going to handpan events. Handpan people are crazy (the good crazy!) but you already know that! What a better ice breaker than to be immersed in a space filled with people who are just as crazy about the handpan as you are! In fact, I’ve met some of my dearest friends of many years through handpan gatherings. If you are a naturally shy person, don’t worry. The handpan community is kind and welcoming to all people. I’m confident you will leave your first handpan gathering with a full heart and many new Facebook friend requests too!


Reason #3: Become a Better Player

If you’re looking to sharpen your handpan skills, a handpan gathering might be just what you need! Most gatherings fill their days with workshops, jams, and Q + A’s led by some of the best handpan players in the world today. If you’re a beginner, don’t feel intimidated. Most gatherings offer workshops for a variety of skill levels with a go-with-the-flow style daily schedule. Additionally, gatherings can be one of the best places to make music alongside other handpan players. (Ever heard a jam with 20+ handpans!?)


Reason #4: Hear World Class Handpan Music

Ever wish you could hear Kabecao, Jeremy Nattagh, or Mumi in concert? Well, a handpan gathering just might be the place to make this happen. No one knows handpan music better than handpan players, so to hear some of your all-time favorites or to discover a new artist, head to a handpan gathering.


Reason #5: Experience a New Culture / Part of the World

Have you ever wanted to see the beaches of Naxos, Greece? Or maybe the rolling hills of Spain? How about the mysterious desert of Joshua Tree, or the powerful Rocky Mountains? As if these amazing landscapes weren’t reason enough to get out and travel then doubling the experience with the magic of a handpan event should be enough to seal the deal.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and find your adventure!

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